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'War of the World's' author H. G. Wells would describe the views at this small headland in Dublin as "one of the most beautiful views in the world", if that alone is not reason enough to take this tour then please read on.

When one pictures Ireland it is not the hustle and bustle of Dublin City centre that springs to mind, rather is the scenic rolling hills of the rural countryside. It would be a damn shame if you came to the beautiful Emerald Isle and neglected to see it for real.

Most visitors seeking this authentic experience will take an impersonal tour with sixty other strangers and six hours of sitting on a bus out to the Cliffs of Moher. Come with me for a personalised day trip to Howth, a beautiful headland in north county Dublin just thirty minutes from the City Centre.

We will of course take the alluring cliff walk like all the other hikers but not before wandering off the beaten track to discover some of the beautiful secrets Howth has to offer.

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