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"Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make. " - Dracula, authored by Dubliner Bram Stoker.

By day Dublin is a beautiful city with an abundance of history. You can discover the city's historical origins from the viking settlement to the modern Anglo-Norman built city we have today.

Most tours will concentrate on the modern struggle for Irish Independence but behind that facade and the beautiful architecture lies a darken underbelly of hidden history.

See Dublin like never before by taking this tour, discover it by night and learn of its gruesome history. Hear about some of the city's haunted sites and how Dublin's bloody history shaped not only the city we have today but the uniqueness of the Irish people.

From mythology to religious persecution and the execution of republican leaders, the Irish people share a relationship with death like no other - come discover why!

NOTE: Content not suitable for under 16s.

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