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Ireland is often refereed to as the 'land of saints and scholars', well known for our writers like Wilde and Beckett but equally famous for our religious figures such as Saint Patrick.

We will begin our tour on O'Connell Street to discuss the man whose name it bears, Daniel O'Connell, known as 'the Liberator', the man who brought Catholic Emancipation to the Irish people.

We will then cross Dublin's river Liffey to the southside of the city. This more affluent side was generally part of 'British Dublin' and we will visit the old parliament that implemented the infamous penal laws.

No exploration would be of Christian Dublin would be complete without seeing the beautiful Book of Kells. This beautiful artefact and types of its ilk helped bring Europe out of the dark ages as Thomas Cahill notes in his seminal work 'How The Irish Saved Civilization'.

We will also visit the city's two Cathedrals - Christchurch and St Patrick's and discuss the impact of the Reformation to modern day Christianity in Ireland.

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