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The advent of the twenty century has seen a paradigm shift in our examination of history and in particular the role the respective genders have played in shaping it. For a long time history was merely a synonym for 'men's history' but in countries such as Ireland modern feminist movements have redefined this archaic definition.

Come join me as we explore Dublin and the great females Ireland has produced. This tour is not merely a series of disjointed biographies rather such is the importance of women in Irish history that we will examine macro events over the last two hundred and fifty years through the females that shaped them.

These individuals will tell the story of Irish rebellions and revolutions against Britain and the twentieth century struggle for gender equality against the dogmatically Catholic conservative Irish state.

Discover the radical republican feminists and their rallying cry 'níl aon saoirse go saoirse na mban' - there's no freedom without freedom for women.

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