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Most tours you take will focus on past historical events which give you an idea where a country comes from but not where they are today. In Ireland this historical end point is 1923 after the Irish Civil War and the creation of an independent state. History is not a static event it is constantly evolving and encompasses social as well as military change. No more so is this social change evident than in Ireland.

The state that left the United Kingdom in 1921 was inwards looking, conservative and dogmatically Catholic. It sidelined the non conformists in the 'Irish Catholic Gaelic' state. That state would stagnate until Ireland's entry into the European Union, a move that would led to unprecedented change.

In this tour we will discuss the liberalisation process from an economic and social perspective. Learn about how the tech giants of the world ended up in Ireland and how in 25 years Ireland went from making homosexuality a crime to electing an openly gay Prime Minister!

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