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The Best Tour You’ll Ever Have!

For a little island in the North Atlantic Ireland has given so much to the world. Whether you call it Ireland, Éire or the Emerald Isle, its a special place where 80 million people worldwide trace their ancestry from. Get in touch and lets plan your adventure!

Image by Jordan Harrison
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Testimonials & Reviews

Lisa C. 

You know that feeling when you meet someone you feel you've known a long time? That's how Adam made my husband, my son and I feel today during our 3 hour walking tour of Dublin. Kind, funny, warm, and so very knowledgeable. Adam for any tour you're considering.

Thank you, to our new friend, Adam!

Fun &


My tours aren't just facts and dates,

they're brought to life by the

famous Irish wit.

Full of


You deserve the best Irish experience. I hold a 1st class masters in Irish history & fully approved

guide by the Irish tourist board.

Perfect For New &

Returning Visitors

Whether you're a newbie or a returning visitor come take my tour to discover

the real Ireland.

Some of Dublin's Highlights


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